75% off “The Cinematic Bundle” by unEarthed Sampling

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“The Cinematic Bundle” consists of 5 incredible sample libraries from unEarthed Sampling including Hammer-On, Interplanetary, Spaceology, Derelict Kit and Forgotten Songs – perfect for cinematic, underscore, post-rock & ambient music!

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Interplanetary – Cinematic Glass Bowl Multisamples

Inspired heavily by scores like Interstellar and Solaris, Interplanetary features cinematic multisamples taken from an antique glass bowl which have been turned into something otherworldly.

For this instrument we struck the bowl with fingers, sticks, and mallets and each patch not only contains 6 round robins, but has also been carefully tuned to give you maximum flexibility as a composer. The 16 patches cover a wide variety of playing styles including the tuned struck patches mentioned above as well as etheral pads and even a couple of patches we derived from bowing the bowl with a cello bow. For an added bonus, there is also a low and hard hitting multisampled analogue synth bass patch which is good for underlaying these instruments.

Combine Interplanetary with the arpeggiator of your choice and you’re sure to be whisked off to another planet. When used as a traditional instrument, the bowl also has a very interesting ethnic quality which is well suited to many types of music and scoring. Beauty, tension, curiosity… these are the three words which immediately come to mind.

Everything in the demo songs comes from Interplanetary!

Spaceology – Orbital Sound Module Sounds From Space

Spaceology contains 13 patches for Kontakt 5+ from space… no, really! The patches are all derived from the actual NASA recordings recently released into the public domain (this instrument is in no way endorsed by NASA).

Creepy pads, ethereal tempo synced pulses (one of which is derived from the infamous Sputnik signal), as well as a Mission VOX patch which contains 22 choice bits of dialogue from NASA missions and various radio beeps and static one shots mapped to the lower octaves. All of the samples utilized were meticulously remastered and cleaned for maximum clarity for both sample awesomeness and archival purposes.

The instrument patches are solid for your next sci fi or horror score while the VOX patch is great for remixers and space enthusiasts alike! There is no other Kontakt instrument on the planet like Spaceology!

Everything heard in the audio demo is from Spaceology!

75% off “The Cinematic Bundle” by unEarthed Sampling

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The Derelict Kit – Cinematic Metal Percussion Derived From Derelict Mining Equipment!

Once upon a time, the area near Ennis Montana was ripe with copper and silver mining sites. These areas have since dried up leaving behind tons of old mining tools and equipment.

Long derelict and out of commission, we decided to bang on a handful of these pieces of mining history turning them into an action packed, tension filled, or horrific metallic percussion Kontakt instrument. Make no mistake, these are highly unique samples!

The GUI is extremely versatile and can drastically alter the sound and timbre of this instrument! Thanks to the pitch knob, it can sound downright huge or extremely small in size. Also available on the GUI are EQ (with low, mid, and hi control knobs), a LPF (also mapped to the modwheel), a grit knob to add distortion, a reverb knob to control the amount of reverb, and lastly an attack knob to control the attack of the samples. 7 Kontakt instruments total… all oozing with cinematic awesomeness!

Hammer-On – Cinematically Ambient Electric Guitar

The Hammer-On technique is usually utilized to bridge notes together… or for killer solos. For this library it is the sole articulation used and played on a stratocaster which has been cleanly recorded and multisampled. There are no loops here (save for one patch), each patch contains meticulously recorded and mastered multisamples as played on a strat. As this sort of play style is normally not showcased giving this instrument a very unique sound and timbre not found anywhere else. Just check out the two demo tracks – everything heard is from Hammer-On.

Consisting of 13 patches, Hammer-On can sound soft and sweet, creepy, or up tension in an action scene. If you play in the higher ranges it can even sound ethnic, similar to a dulcimer. The GUI (or “unearthed verbamp 80”) has controls for EQ (bass, mid, hi), reverb (a huge hall convolution reverb), and attack. The attack and EQ knobs can drastically alter the sound and vibe of each patch.

Hammer-On is NOT your average guitar library. Yes, it does contain multisampled electric guitar patches, but it is aimed more squarely at cinematic and video game scores than producing authentic rock ballads. Soft, sweet, deadly… those are the words that come to mind here.

75% off “The Cinematic Bundle” by unEarthed Sampling

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Forgotten Songs – Cinematically mangled old vinyl recordings (Pads and Ambiances)

If you’re familiar with classical pieces from Gygory Ligeti such as Lux Aeterna… then you already know what to expect with FS. This sort of ever evolving creeptastic choir vibe is the sound we were after for the library… albeit a bit more synthetic in tone. Through stretching, tweaking, maming, destroying, and processing various clips from old public domain vinyl recordings from the 1930s, we have achieved it. The end result is extremely creepy as some of these pads have a 10 or 20 second buildup stemming from insanely stretched choir or orchestra sounds.

Also included are looped versions of many patches. Combined with the LFO control on the mod wheel and Attack/EQ controls on the GUI you can create some very organic and constantly moving creepout pads. The toggle able convolution reverb makes these sound HUGE.

Forgotten Songs is also a nice addition to your arsenal if you’re an artist specializing in ambient or chillout as these sounds cater to that genre rather well.


"Cinematic Bundle" by unEarthed Sampling

75% off Cinematic Bundle by unEarthed Sampling

Deal Expired

Normally €59.99 – get it at 75% off before it’s gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 75% off the normal price (normally €58.99)!
  • 5 sample libraries – The Derelict Kit, Forgotten Songs, Interplanetary, Spaceology & Hammer-On
  • 74 Kontakt patches in total
  • HammerOn – 13 Patches (9 FX & 4 Guitar)
  • Forgotten Songs – 25 Patches (mix of Drones, Vocals, Loops and Soundscapes)
  • Interplanetary – 16 patches (5 Pads, 2 Phrases, 1 Bass, 6 Tuned, 1 Hits, 1 Bowed Shorts)
  • Spaceology – 13 Patches (Mix of Pulses, Pads, FX & Drones)
  • The Derelict Kit – 7 Patches (3 Kits and 4 FX)
  • 170MB total download size
  • Pads, ambiances, guitars, crushing drums, high ticking cymbals, mangled vocals, drones, hits, basses, choirs, FX and much more!
  • Perfect for creating a cinematic sound, or ambient/post-rock tracks!
  • Full version of Kontakt + or higher required (Kontakt player will run in demo mode for 15 minutes.)

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