80% off “Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics For Kontakt Player

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Based on 8,496 pristine audio samples from a modular synth, this instrument for the free Kontakt Player gives you access to the vibe and presence of a modular synth for a fraction of the cost, and takes up a lot less room!

This good-looking instrument packs raw power but also gives you massive options to craft your own sound, whether that be weighty basses, twisted soundscapes or soaring leads.

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A Stunning Modular Synth Without Selling Your Soul?

Fancy the authentic, gritty tone of a high-end modular synth but don’t fancy building an extension to make space for one or selling your soul to afford one? Problem solved.

Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics is a stunning re-creation of a modular synth, packed full of analogue modelled effects and powerful LFO’s, envelopes and an analogue style step sequencer. It’s able to create a huge range of sounds, from filthy basses and leads to retro 80’s pop to deep melodic pads and everything in between.

It puts the detailed raw sounds you normally get from hours of tweaking on a modular synth at your fingertips, allowing deep and complex sounds to be built easily without fiddling, allowing you to concentrate on the music!


7GB (8,496 Pristine Samples) From A Real Modular Synth

The trademark character and tone of modular synths is something that many VST developers have been striving after for years.

Samplephonics have assembled a huge, diverse range of modular waveforms and textures and then packed them in a flexible, attractive, self-contained modular-style Kontakt interface that allows you to sculpt true modular tones in the box.

With 150+ presets to get you started, you can spend hours tweaking to get the sound you want, or use a preset and tweak it further to make it your own.

80% off “Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics For Kontakt Player

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Interactive GUI With Powerful Routing & Modulation Options

Just like a real-world modular synth, Dirty Modular lays out all your editing options in plain sight. You can select from 170 waveforms for each of two oscillators, then route them through two filters, apply three envelopes and LFOs in various ways, plug in a step sequencer and add effects.

All this functionality is available without any clicking on tabs, from the modular-themed interface.

As you choose routing options, 3D rendered cables appear, allowing you to visualise the signal path – just like a mini-modular on your screen.


Booming Basses, Soaring Leads, Evolving Textures & All Sorts Of Sonic Mayhem

So what does the Dirty Modular sound like? Well, modular systems are best known for full-on bass and lead sounds, subtly (or not so subtly) evolving textures and general off-the-wall sonic mayhem. Dirty Modular won’t disappoint if this is what you’re after, but it’s also invaluable for bringing character and presence to more bread-and-butter synth sounds.

The range of supplied waveforms is so wide that this is an instrument that will reward exploration. If you’re in a hurry, though, it ships with 150+ presets, with more available for free from Samplephonics.

What’s more, Dirty Modular has its own built-in preset system. So after the main instrument is loaded, swapping between presets happens quickly and seamlessly.

80% off “Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics For Kontakt Player

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Start With A Preset, Then Change It In Seconds

One of the joys of Dirty Modular is that, once you have set up the basic structure of a patch, changing its tone is as simple as selecting an alternative waveform from the oscillator drop-down menu.

You’ll find these samples cover a lot of ground, from basic waveforms to filtered sweeps, from atonal textures to distorted pulsing timbres. You can even select a random waveform if you’re feeling reckless!

Use one of the 150+ presets to get started and change the overall sound in seconds – watch the video to see how!

Powerful Modulation & FX For Endless Sonic Exploration

You may not have the complete freedom to route signals that a real-life modular offers you, but Dirty Modular provides more sonic exploration options than you might imagine.

The 3 LFOs can combine Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Sawtooth and Random waveforms to create unpredictable and subtle movement. LFO3 can also be set to modulate the rates of LFO1 and LFO2…and that’s before the analogue style step sequencer is brought into play!

With 2 FX modules with switchable chorus, phaser, analogue modelled saturation, screamer distortion, amp distortion, bit-crusher and flanger, you’ve got a huge range of tools to make beautiful modulating sounds.

80% off “Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics For Kontakt Player

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Compatible With The Free Kontakt Player

“Dirty Modular” is compatible with the free Kontakt Player so you don’t need the full version of Kontakt.

The library works with the FREE Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt if you have it.

Click here to download Kontakt Player 5 for free.


What Exactly Can I Use “Dirty Modular” For?

The “Dirty Modular” for Kontakt Player is a very flexible library perfect for a range of styles of music including EDM and film/TV music.

In particular it is great for:

  • Trance – eg. Paul Oakenfold, BT
  • Techno – eg. Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin
  • House – eg. deadmau5, Avicii,
  • Downtempo – eg. Boards of Canada or Moby
  • Film/TV/Underscore – crime, drama, thriller, hybrid etc…

"Dirty Modular" by Samplephonics

80% off "Dirty Modular" by Samplephonics

Deal Expired

Normally €135 – get it at 80% off before it’s gone!

  • 8,496 samples from a real modular synth
  • Compatible with the Kontakt Free Player (no need to own a full copy of Kontakt, though owning Dirty Modular will qualify you for a discount if you want to get the full version of Kontakt)
  • Interactive GUI with powerful routing and modulation options
  • 2 oscillators, with a choice of 170 raw sounds per oscillator
  • 150+ presets with more free presets available
  • 3 LFOs (routable to filter, amp or pitch)
  • 3 envelopes (routable to filter, amp or pitch)
  • 2 analogue modelled filters with switchable states (lp, bp, hp), routed in serial or parallel
  • 2 FX modules with switchable chorus, phaser, analogue modelled saturation, screamer distortion, amp distortion, bitcrusher and flanger, with flexible routing options
  • Stereo reverb and delay units
  • Analogue-style sequencer with multiple routing options
  • Preset loading and saving within the instrument, so you don’t have to load samples every time
  • Highly optimised DFD streaming and sample purging for super fast and smooth sample loading
  • The only plugin of its kind available!

What People Think About 80% off “Dirty Modular” by Samplephonics For Kontakt Player

  • "Dirty Modular raises the bar for any Kontakt based instrument. With a great waveform library and great sound, this tool is the perfect choice if you need more freedom in sound design."

    Producer Spot

    Producer Spot

    Industry Blog

  • "We're constantly amazed by the feats of instrument design that developers manage to pull off using interface scripting in Kontakt, but Dirty Modular raises the bar...Great waveform library. Excellent sound."

    Music Radar

    Music Radar

    Industry Blog

  • "A product that blurs the line between Sample Library and Synthesizer. With the look and sound of an old-fashioned analog modular synth and the sampling power of Kontakt, this library presents tons of presets and custom options for those of us looking to create electronic sounds with a dirty and modern twist."Full Review

    Sample Library Review

    Sample Library Review

    Industry Blog

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