88% off “2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)” by Zampler Sounds

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“2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)” is a massive collection of 14 libraries (31.4GB Total Content) for the free Zampler//RX sampler workstation covering every genre imaginable from EDM to Soundtracks, to Chillout, Ambient, Industrial and much more!

With an ever growing collection of expansion packs covering basses, leads, pads and atmospheres in multiple genres this may well become your one stop shop for modern music production!

Note: Please be aware that these libraries need to be downloaded using the free Pulse Downloader application, no manual links will be provided.

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A Huge 31.4GB+ Collection Of Zampler Packs Covering Every Music Genre!

Beat Zampler//RX is a freeware sampler workstation, based on Synapse Audio’s Dune synthesizer plugin. It loads SFZ patches & imports REX loops.

Zampler RX Features

  • Sample oscillators with SFZ, REX and REX2 support
  • Multi-mode filter
  • Three LFOs
  • Three ADSR envelopes
  • Complex modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator/step sequencer
  • Effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb
  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU usage

Music Genres Covered

  • Ethnic, Underscore
  • Techno, Electro, Trance, Chill
  • Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop,
  • Industrial, Dubstep, EDM, Lo-Fi
  • Deep, Slap, Tech, Hardstyle, Gabber

88% off “2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)” by Zampler Sounds

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CORROSIVE – Acid Loops, Bass Patches & Authentic Drums

A great firework of bass and drum loops and sounds focussing on – guess what – Roland’s magical acid engines. 32 loops and 32 bass patches from the Roland TB-3 are complemented by a whopping 131 loops of acid basses and drums from the Roland TR-8. All in all, 300+ MB of hand-picked basic sounds.

Zampler Content

  • 32 Acid loops
  • 32 Bass patches
  • 99 TR-8 drum loops

STARWAVE – 90+ Sounds For Retro, Synth & Chillwave

Born 40 years ago and still hot: with their synth-heavy sound, the Eighties already made themselves a legend back then and are experiencing their renewed flight of fancy. No surprise, the mixture of rich, analogue sound, retro feeling and glamorous melodies is not only timeless, but also highly infectious.

Look forward to 90 of the best patches as an expansion for Zamplers & MPCs! By the way, also fully compatible with Ambient, Chill and Trance.

Zampler Content

  • 2.1GB expansion
  • 1462 samples
  • 97 patches
  • 30 basses, 55 keys, leads & synths, 12 pads

LAYERZ – 70 Hybrids For Techno, EDM, Chill, Trap & Soundtracks

If you’re out for that unique sound, look no further! LAYERZ provides you with 70 fusions of real instruments, vocals and synths that have never been seen before. Enchanting harps meet vicious basses, supersaws support modified pianos and Indian dulcimer loops were married with delicately bubbling pads.

The patches will give your productions an exclusive touch, regardless of whether you need punchy sounds for EDM or Techno, bass beds for Trap or Chillout, or even horrifying atmospheres for the movies. LAYERZ will get you sorted.

Zampler Content

  • 3.2GB Soundbank
  • 70 Patches
  • 13 Basses, 29 Lead- & Synth-Sounds, 28 Pads & Atmospheres

DELUXE HOUZE JUNKIE – 82 Patches For Deep, Slap, Tech & LoFi House

A whopping 82 patches for contemporary styles like Deep, Slap, LoFi, Tech and Pop House await you in our new soundbank for Zampler and Akais MPC series. Deluxe Houze Junkie inspires with a variety of crisp basses, fresh leads and synth sounds as well as rousing pads, chords and arpeggios.

Just right for productions in the style of Felix Jaehn, Dynoro, R3hab and VIZE, but EDM and Techno producers won’t go empty-handed here either!

Zampler Content

  • 2.4GB Soundbank, 1066 Samples
  • 82 Patches
  • 6 Arps, 26 Basses, 22 Chords, 21 Lead- & Synth-Sounds, 7 Pads & Strings

BVRST – 109 Basses & Grungy Leads For D&B, EDM, Trance & More

Whether it’s House, Future Bass, EDM or Drum & Bass – the low end has to get pushing, otherwise the whole track won’t shake the floor. That’s why BVRST provides you with a concentrated load of bass.

But no bread-and-butter sounds that you have in your collection anyway, but 70 times powerful and contemporary low end, plus 39 hybrids that can be used as leads as well as basses. Also suitable for Bigroom House and Trance btw!

Zampler Content

  • 2.5GB Soundbank, 1417 Samples
  • 109 Patches
  • 70 Basses, 39 Lead- & Synth-Sounds

BIG ROOM SYNTHS – 90+ Techno, Trance & EDM patches

When it comes to Techno, Trance and EDM, one thing is clear: you need huge sounds! But not only that, they should also be individual. That’s why they didn’t hesitate to marry their modular studio rack with analogue synths to combine both worlds and sample the best sounds. The result are 96 basses, synths and pads that can be used to pimp any track. Have fun!

Zampler Content

  • 3.2GB Soundbank, 1461 Samples
  • 96 Patches
  • 50 Lead- & Synth-Sounds, 17 Basses, 16 Keys & Chords, 4 Atmos & FX, 4 Guitars, 3 Pads, 2 Drums

ANALOG PRESSURE – 128 Studio Electronics SE-3X Patches

There are synths that produce a nice sound, and then there are those that leave you speechless with their fat basic sound. On top they trigger the ultimate G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). The Studio Electronics SE-3X – with its hard basses and biting leads – clearly belongs to the second category.

But the analogue battleship isn’t just a Minimoog clone, it offers much more creative possibilities, which they have captured in their sound bank. Cowabunga!!

Zampler Content

  • 2,53GB Soundbank, 1664 Samples
  • 128 Patches
  • 52 Basses, 6 Drums, 62 Lead- & Synth-Sounds, 4 Pads

BASS THRILL – 128 Acoustic & Synthetic Basses With Cojónes

Whether Techno, Trap, Grime, Dance or House, no one can do without them: Besides the kick, basses are the most important element of any track, as both form the foundation and basis. And both need to work!

With Bass Thrill brings get the ultimate compendium in low-end, consisting of 128 basses, from acoustic to neuro, from synth bass for current Electro to 12-bit sampler basses for authentic Hip-Hop, which will transform your tracks for cracking floor shakers. Let there be bass!

Zampler Content

  • 2.61GB Soundbank, 128 Patches
  • 10 acoustic basses, 42 synth basses, 39 vintage sampler basses, 14 neurobasses, 9 retro gaming basses, 14 experimental bass sounds
  • 1712 samples

TRAVELLER – 95 Ethnic & Hypnotic Sounds For Trap & Chillout

Asian plucked instruments teaming up with rumbling bass and dark spheres… a current success-recipe that has not only given rise to sub genres like Japanese Trap or Samurai Beats, but also a combination for creating the finest atmosphere in Chillout, Trip-Hop, Trance and minimal, hypnotic Techno.

If you are planning to add depth in your next tracks, you will find everything you need in here. Enjoy a true journey into sound!

Zampler Content

  • 2.84GB sound bank, 1235 samples
  • 95 patches
  • 15 basses, 15 drum sounds, 35 leads & synths, 20 spheric pads, 10 pluck sounds

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 99 Legends: JP-8000, Moog Model 15 & Prophecy VS

The development of new Behringer synths and clones is in full swing and makes countless musicians happy, now able to enjoy the sound for a fraction of the original.

Since some of the announced new releases are still waiting, they’ve gone ahead and present 99 presets from seven synth legends, from JP-8000 and Jupiter-80 to Oberheim SEM and Moog Model 15, bringing a powerful piece of synth history right into your studio!

Zampler Content

  • 2.54GB sound bank, 1287 samples
  • 99 patches
  • Sounds from Roland JP-8000 and Jupiter-80, Moog Taurus and Model 15, Oberheim Matrix 6 and SEM 2-Voice
  • Emulating the sound of Behringer’s synths JT-4000, Toro, UB-1, 2-XM, Model 15, Saturn Soul and Pro VS Mini
  • 30 basses, 30 leads, 17 pads, 22 synths

DEATH TO THE KORE – 128 Killers For Hardcore, Frenchcore, Hardstyle & EBM

“There is no lying in Hardcore. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff”... The quote from Nordcore GmbH may have been around for a few years, but it hasn’t lost any of its relevance. That’s why this sound pack won’t suit sweet “cuddle-core”.

Instead you’ll get thumping kicks, brutal basses, mighty dominator leads and vocals for the drama. Whether Hardstyle or Gabber: You will find your appropriate punishment here. Hakkeeeee!

Zampler Content

  • 1.62GB sound bank, 1100 Samples
  • 128 patches
  • 13 Basses, 25 Gabber- & Frenchcore-Kicks, 28 Hardstyle Leads & Plucks, 5 dramatic Strings & Pads, 12 apocalyptic FX, 17 spoken Vocal lines, 10 bonus Choir Stabs & Rave Chords, 20 brutal Metasonix S-1000 sounds

THE MATRIARK – 77 Analog Basses & Synths Made With Matriarch

Once in a review we said: “Matriarch shines with extraordinary sonic results when the four oscillators are linked via sync or FM”, and now they did it: They created 77 patches with the Matriarch that show the legendary Moog sound from a whole new perspective.

Enjoy strong and powerful basses and synths you know from Minimoog or Model D, but with even more punch and – thanks to frequency modulation – more metallic character. On top, exotic pads and textures will help to enhance the atmosphere into your productions – with that distinct Moog flavor.

Zampler Content

  • 2.14GB Sound Bank, 1078 samples
  • 77 Patches made with Moog Matriarch
  • 22 Basses, 31 Lead Sounds, 15 Synths & Arpeggios,9 Effects & Atmospheres

TRAP EMPIRE – 89 Stabs & Basses for Trap & Grime

Tuned cars, naughty basses and the middle finger at the ready… for this soundbank, the developers were inspired by the YouTube channel of the Gangster Gang crew. Their sound is simply the best that Trap and Grime have to offer in 2022.

And 4.5 million followers can’t lie. Let more than 2GB basses, synths, brass stabs and acoustic instruments guide you to new, atmospheric tracks.

Zampler Content

  • 2.27GB Sound Bank, 1157 Samples
  • 89 Patches
  • 35 Basses, 15 Guitars & Acoustic Instruments, 32 Synths & Leads, 7 Pads

SOLAR ECLIPSE – 94 Patches For Divine Ambient & Sweet Chillout

How do you put euphoria, hopelessness, a happy humming nature, sandy deserts or pearls under water into sound? The developers have been curious and asked all the synth machines they could find for their opinion. You’ll find their answers divided into 94 pads & patches, each of which is bursting with atmosphere and telling its very own story.

Load SOLAR ECLIPSE into your Zampler or MPC and get ready to experience your own adventure!

Zampler Content

  • 3GB Sound Bank, 1316 Samples, 94 Patches
  • 3 Basses, 2 Drums, 64 Pads, 25 Leads & Synths

88% off “2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)” by Zampler Sounds

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)”?

With 14 libraries to choose from (31.4GB Total Content), in a HUGE range of styles, you can use any combination of libraries to build an entire track, or even just use some loops to get some inspiration for starting a track.

  • Ethnic, Underscore
  • Techno, Electro, Trance, Chill
  • Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop,
  • Industrial, Dubstep, EDM, Lo-Fi
  • Deep, Slap, Tech, Hardstyle, Gabber

… and much more!

This bundle contains everything you need to write any of the above styles and more, and will keep you busy with sounds for years!

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. VSTBuzz do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. VSTBuzz or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description.

"2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)" by Zampler Sounds

88% off "2022 Zampler Bundle (Upgrade)" by Zampler Sounds

Deal Expired

Normally €300 – get it at 88% off before it’s gone!

  • 88% off the normal price (normally €300)!
  • 14 Awesome Libraries (31.4GB Total Content) for the free Zampler//RX Workstation
  • Sample oscillators with SFZ, REX and REX2 support.
  • Multi-mode filter.
  • Three LFOs.
  • Three ADSR envelopes.
  • Complex modulation matrix.
  • Arpeggiator/step sequencer.
  • Effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • VST, AU 64-bit)..
  • Note: Please be aware that these libraries need to be downloaded using the free Pulse Downloader application, no manual links will be provided.
  • Note: The MPC packs provided are compatible with Akai standalone models MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, as well as Touch, Renaissance, MPC Beats and Software (see individual packs for more details).
  • CORROSIVE: Zampler32 Acid loops, 32 Bass patches, 99 TR-8 drum loops
  • STARWAVE: Zampler2.1GB expansion, 1462 samples, 97 patches
  • LAYERZ: Zampler3.2GB Soundbank, 70 Patches
  • DELUXE HOUZE JUNKIE: Zampler 2.4GB Soundbank, 1066 Samples, 82 Patches
  • BVRST: Zampler2.5GB Soundbank, 1417 Samples, 109 Patches
  • BIG ROOM SYNTHS: Zampler3.2GB Soundbank, 1461 Samples, 96 Patches
  • ANALOG PRESSURE: Zampler2,53GB Soundbank, 1664 Samples, 128 Patches
  • BASS THRILL: Zampler2.61GB Soundbank, 128 Patches
  • TRAVELLER: Zampler2.84GB sound bank, 1235 samples, 95 patches
  • MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: Zampler2.54GB sound bank, 1287 samples, 99 patches
  • DEATH TO THE KORE: Zampler1.62GB sound bank, 1100 Samples, 128 patches
  • THE MATRIARK: Zampler2.14GB Sound Bank, 1078 samples 77 Patches
  • TRAP EMPIRE: Zampler2.27GB Sound Bank, 1157 Samples, 89 Patches
  • SOLAR ECLIPSE: Zampler3GB Sound Bank, 1316 Samples, 94 Patches
  • Libraries include instruments and loops in the following genres:
  • Ethnic, Underscore
  • Techno, Electro, Trance, Chill
  • Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop,
  • Industrial, Dubstep, EDM, Lo-Fi
  • Deep, Slap, Tech, Hardstyle, Gabber
  • This bundle may well become your one stop shop for modern music production!

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