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“Zampler Bundle” is a massive collection of 72 libraries (77GB!) for the free Zampler//RX sampler workstation covering every genre imaginable from EDM to Funk, to Chillout, Ambient, Minimal and much more!

With an ever growing collection of expansion packs covering basses, leads, pads and atmospheres in multiple genres this may well become your one stop shop for modern music production!

IMPORTANT: Mac OS Big Sur – the VST / AU plugin has not been tested on this platform so is not guaranteed to work. If in doubt download and test Zampler RX itself here – https://www.zampler.de/

Mac OS Catalina – The developer is currently working on a fix for some reported issues using the Zampler RX plugin on this platform. We hope to have a solution for this soon.

Note: Please be aware that these libraries need to be downloaded using the free Pulse Downloader application, no manual links will be provided.

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A Standalone Sampler Plugin Plus a HUGE 72 Expansion Packs (77GB!)

Beat Zampler//RX is a freeware sampler workstation, based on Synapse Audio’s Dune synthesizer plugin. It loads SFZ patches and imports REX loops.

Zampler Workstation Key features:

  • Sample oscillators with SFZ, REX and REX2 support
  • Multi-mode filter
  • Three LFOs
  • Three ADSR envelopes
  • Complex modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator/step sequencer
  • Effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb
  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU usage

This bundle includes the Zampler workstation plugin plus 74 incredible expansion packs for the plugin which weigh in at a total of 77GB of content, guaranteed to keep you busy for years! There’s a huge range of sounds available in this bundle including:

  • Screaming Leads
  • Thundering Electronic Drums
  • Deep Basses
  • Huge Pads
  • Evolving Atmospheres
  • Moving Arpeggios
  • Ethnic Sounds
  • Modulating Drones
  • and so much more!

Sounds Playthrough:

Zampler Plugin Overview:

72 Incredible Expansion Packs (Worth €740) Included In The Bundle – 77GB of Content!

The “Zampler Bundle” contains thousands of playable presets for the Zampler Workstation plugin including synth leads, basses, pads, drones, organs, pianos, vocals, drum kits and so much more.

Its perfect for every style of music production imaginable including Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Trance, Minimal, Chill, Dark Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno, Hardcore and more!

Click any product image for more detailed information:

Nordic_Nature Ultimate_909 Melodic Electric_Prophet The_Analogon Ethnic_Symphony Eternal_Drones Black_Hole Tape_Synths Pro_8 Emulator Explorer Analog_Expander Hybrid_Orchestra Synth_Massive
String_Theory Space_Trip Alpha_Juno Patched_Grand Machine_Vox Synth_Battle Raw_Analogue_Modular Game_Over Bass_Compendium Dark_Orchestra Netherworld Energizer Dreadbox Robo_Txtr
Ethnic_Pads Ultimate_Synths DX1_DX5_Slap CS40_M_Burst Titanium Supreme MRMX Ying_&_Yang Roaar DX7_Blaze  Elecktro Synth_Classics Fat_Fatty Cloud_Machine Oberheim_Soundbank
EDM_Destruction Electro_Riot Castor Pittsburgh Prophet_12 Assault OP1_Soundbank Synth_Stuff Game_Of_Drones  Glamour Hybrid_Dubstep TR09_TB03_Soundbank Prophecy
Analogue_Rack Venom Weird_Tubes Voxifyr Peaktime Toratz Bass_Trap Dark_Pads Black_Venom Neurobass Mantra_Pads Electro_Encounter EDM_Punk Hook_Xpander Brute_Factor

96% off “Zampler Bundle” by Zampler

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NORDIC NATURE – 71 Patches Made With Nord Wave 2

As is well known, “Ladies in red” have a certain attraction, which seems also true for “Synths in red”.

Clavia’s Nord series still enjoys unbroken popularity and like hardly any other synth, the Wave 2 is uncompromisingly designed as a performer and there is actually no sound that it doesn’t master to perfection.

Look forward to 71 basses, spherical pads, and hybrids of real and synthetic instruments that have ben designed especially for you with the Nord Wave 2.

71 patches, 2.2 GB sample content.

ULTIMATE DRUMS – 77 classic drum kits

Not only because 303 + 808 + 909 equals 2020, we searched our sample archive for sounds of the legendary drum machine, and we sampled all the drummies we could find in the studio that host the typical legacy drum machine sound of that time.

But we didn’t just record the grooveboxes and modules, we refined them for you as always with our outboard setup. Among others with our TLA Ivory compressor and our MPC 2500, which has already become something like our studio mascot and is still simply the number 1 for powerful and dirty drums.

And they’ve gone one step further! The pack contains not only drums without end, but also patterns in MIDI format!

  • 42 drum kits by Roland TR-909, TR-09, TR8, MC-707 and Novation DrumStation
  • 15 single drum shot patches
  • 20 TB-03 acid patches
  • 212 MIDI drum patterns

MELODIC – 88 Patches For Melodic House & Techno

Bodzin, Monolink, Umek… this list could be extended endlessly. What they’ve got in common isn’t only their high rankings in charts at Beatport and other big stores, but also their musical output.

Melodic House and Techno are the hippest genres from the electronic underground, which – thanks to artists like them – have risen to the top of radio and Spotify playlists, also shaping the sound of concurrent overground music. Look forward to 88 patches for both genres, ready to go for Zampler!

88 patches, 1.6 GB sample content

ELECTRIC PROPHET – 107 Patches From Sequential Pro 3 & Prophet 08

Hardly on the market, already part of Zampler: The Electric Prophet Soundbank brings you no less than 107 patches of the two battleships Pro 3 and Prophet 08 from Sequential aka Dave Smith, the synth master in person.

Look forward to 2.2 GB of material that makes the Pro 3 stand out: Arpeggios, bass sequences and hooklines, enriched with beautiful pads from the Prophet 08. Turn on your computers, fire up Zampler and take off!

107 patches, 2.2 GB sample content.

THE ANALOGON – 88 Patches For Synthwave, Trance & Minimal

There’s always some magic dust around analogue classics, a fact that’s not surprising at all, as these synths helped to shape various musical genres throughout the years. So there’s no reason to think any harder and go on with the next Zampler pack.

Analogon gives you 2 Gigabytes of everything that defines an analogue bolide: strong basses, sparkling arpeggios and hearty hook sounds, which will fit into any Synthwave, Trance and Minimal track. Enjoy!

88 patches, 2 GB sample content.

ETHNIC SYMPHONY – 74 Pads & Synths For Chill & House

Ethno sounds and electronics… at first sight both don’t have any similarities. But as soon as you start to combine both worlds, they fit together like the Yin belongs to the Yang.

With 64 patches Ethnic Symphony delivers a full orchestra of weighty basses, spheric pads and synths, that combine ethnic instruments and vocals to fresh and inspiring sounds, that will instantly enrich your Chill and House tracks with the special component X.

64 patches, 2.6 GB sample content.


ETERNAL DRONES – 74 Patches For Zampler/RX Workstation

“Calibrate your mind“ – or something alike could be the description for the Eternal Drones sound bank. Believe it or not, this pack contains 3.9 GB of ever modulating drones, meditative pads and Hollywood-style textures, which would even fit in blockbusters like Bladerunner or Inception.

Besides Chillout and other atmospheric genres the sounds also fit with Doomjazz, Space Music and Dark Ambient. Have fun while relaxing!

74 patches, 3.9 GB sample content.


Pads for dreaming and dreading, basses to rush ahead and lean back, synths to scrape or hover… monumental and with very distinct character from oblique to brilliant.

The 94 epic sounds of Event Horizon are paradoxic and complex, spheric and direct at once, the perfect base for Chillwave, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Eternal Electro and other intergalactic styles. A must-have!

94 patches, 2.6 GB sample content.


Names like Mercury, MiniMoog, Roland SH-101, JP-8000 or Juno 60 make Zampler get nervous. But this isn‘t even the full list of synths used for their latest sound bank.

For authentic flair they recorded some of the synths through their old Technics deck, with some nice, warm tape overdrive. The result is 76 weighty basses, leads and pads with fat-guarantee.

78 patches, 2.3 GB sample content.


Dave Smith seems to have subscribed to success, so it‘s inevitable to get keen-eared when it comes to his synths. Especially the Prophet 08 which is an expert for pads, stabs, huge basses, leads, arps, sequences and so on…

In short: His synths are no-brainers. Because of this and because sharing is fun, Zampler prepared a Zampler sound bank with 68 patches of the Prophet 08, enriched with sounds from a Prophet 6. That rocks!

68 patches, 2.1 GB sample content.


Eight Bit and one meg of memory doesn’t sound very appealing, but for E-Mu’s Emulator II it was a reason to advance to one of the most successful samplers of its time, while influencing countless producers. For their latest Zampler pack they sampled 120 of E-II’s most charismatic instruments, cutting through every mix with their gritty sound and hypnotic loops.

120 patches, 2.8 GB sample content.


Without doubt the Behringer Odyssey is one of the most popular synths these days. Reason enough to add his virtual counterpart and send both into the ring. The result is 50 proper basses, crystal clear leads and pads soft as butter, all sounds being able to cut through in every mix.

50 patches, 1.3 GB sample content.


It‘s no secret that Oberheim‘s analog synths are loved for their warm and fat sound. Especially SEM and Matrix are still evergreens that are used in latest productions and get new clones every year.

Sure thing that sampled 123 patches of both classic synths and stuffed them into their latest Zampler/RX sound bank.

123 patches, 2.2 GB sample content.



Whether Hollywood scores or modern club tracks, both make heavy use of orchestral instruments and fuse them with electronic components, resulting in brutal and reckless sounds.

The good news: Zampler already did this for you and created 48 powerful hybrid patches for Zampler, which will extend your library instantly. Here you go!

48 patches, 1.6 GB sample content.


Some things take their time to get awesome. This totally applies to Native Instruments‘ long awaited Massive X, an ultimate weapon for sound designers, going head to head with Serum and Spire.

Reason enough for Zampler to record the three synths for the latest Zampler sound bank. Enjoy 77 bangers for your productions!

77 patches, 2.2 GB sample content.


Atmosphere à la Stranger Things, cineastic pads, authentic Bladerunner feeling or just smooth, analog sounds for Ambient and Chillout. Et voilà, this is what you get 112 times with Zampler’s latest Zampler sound bank.

The patches were recorded from classic synths like Roland VP-330, a Mellotron and several Nord keyboards, as well as other legendary workstations from the 80ies and 90ies. Have a great journey!

112 patches, 1.5 GB sample content.


Ambient sounds and analog feeling have huge things in common: atmosphere and gentle warmth. Therefore Zampler’s latest Zampler pack features weighty basses from fellow Oberheim SEM and MS-20, as well as vintage pads from the legends Waldorf XT and Yamaha CS-80.

If you‘re looking for sounds for Chillout, Synthwave, Ambient or Vaporwave, Space Trip is your rewarding source.

128 patches, 2.5 GB sample content.


The 80’s are not only iconic for their fabulous synth sound, but also for a boom of studio hardware that helped to define that sound. So it‘s no surprise that superstars like Prodigy, Vince Clarke and Massive Attack loved synths like the Juno series from Roland and still have them in their latest productions.

With the latest sound bank Zampler extend your library with 64 original patches from an Alpha Juno II. Enjoy!

64 patches, 1.8 GB sample content.


Pianos sound like pianos do. Well, totally right, but as soon as you open the piano and start to mess around with what’s inside, the pianist gets angry and the sound designer happy.

For this latest Zampler sound bank Zampler got a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and gave it some friendly torment, which resulted in 30 very unique patches, usable for songs, tracks and scores. Have fun!

30 patches, 1.8 GB sample content.


Striking vocals are the perfect hooks for songs and tracks. Unfortunately they’re sometimes hard to find, but fortunately also synthetic voices cut a fine figure, if memorable sounds are what you’re after.

Reason enough to collect 45 patches of synth choirs, electronic monks, formant voices and other extravagant material, covering a range of lush pads to fancy leads. Setup and ready to go for Zampler/RX. Enjoy!

45 patches, 1.7 GB sample content.


There are synths that you WANT to have and some you MUST have. That’s where the new Synth Battle series kicks in. Zampler’s debut pack delivers a match between Serum and Massive, which both are undisputed legends, both playing in the highest leagues of synthesizers.

Enjoy 60 heavy bottom basses, leads and pads, that sit perfectly in any electronic production. Have fun!

60 patches, 1.4 GB sample content.


RAM – Raw Analogue Modular

There’s at least one thing that analogue synths and modular systems have in common: They’re breathing. Now imagine a bunch of wild classics which had a date with Zampler, while not being that accurate in terms of pitch and clean sound.

Zampler’s latest pack delivers exactly that, what you’d expect from a date like this: Raw, analogue sounds with dirty low-end, shrill highs, crystalline sparkle and also slightly off-key notes. Happy taming!

80 patches, 1.1 GB sample content.


If there’s an undisputed computer sound classic, then it’s for sure the C64 aka the breadbox. Yet 30 years after being born it’s still getting cloned and its distinctive SID chip is heard off and on.

So it’s just natural that Zampler have taken on the task of creating a Zampler pack that delivers the original sounds as well as spicy and pumped-up versions that will extend your contemporary tracks. Some well-known sounds of classic games included!

48 patches, 1,3 GB sample content.


Fat basses are good – if you have some. So it’s logical to provide you with a huge pack of bass sounds.

Not ordinary ones that you already own, but 70 powerful and special basses from classic synths like Studio Electronics ATC-Xi, Oberheim SEM & Matrix-1000, Korg Radias and Arturias MiniBrute. Enjoy!

70 patches, 1,6 GB sample content.


The dramaturgy of strings, the power of horns and the sentimental feel of a piano doesn’t only fulfill its purpose in Cinemas or classical music, also Trap, Pop and other styles of electronic music do use orchestral instruments a lot.

That’s enough reason for Zampler to hand over your personal ensemble, that was recorded with the finest analog gear.

66 patches, 1,5 GB sample content.


Sounds from the underground are always fascinating and quasi the inevitable Yin for the commercial Yang. With the Netherworld sound bank Zampler take that literally and present more than 60 grouchy basses and dark pads.

And the best thing is: The sounds aren’t only compatible with Ambient, Trip-Hop or other spheric styles, but can also extend to four-to-the-floor club tracks. Even outside of intros and breaks.

44 patches, 1,5 GB sample content.


Basses, leads and pads are the indispensable foundation for every production that depends on fat bass sounds, especially in genres that have to work on a dance floor.

For Zampler there’s no need for more arguments to deliver just that: 32 crunchy presets, packed with impact, energy and width, which will expand your productions with pure power.

32 patches, 750 MB sample content.

DREADBOX – Modular Synth Soundbank

Zampler were so impressed by Dreadbox’ G-System that it almost felt like an obligation to create a comprehensive sample pack for readers featuring the distinctive sounds of the modular synth.

The 1.9 GB pack with over 50 presets covers brilliant and massive leads, warm and brutal basses as well as fat percussion, effect and drone sounds with the distinctive “Dread factor” to spice up your tracks.

As always, the presets are production ready for use in the SFZ player Zampler.

50 patches, 1.9 GB sample content.

ROBO#TXTR – Vocal Soundbank

Robo#txtr is an extensive collection of around 1.5 GB of electronic vocals, text phrases, machine and robot noises as well as metallic room sounds.

Expect production-ready presets for the free SFZ player Zampler, just waiting to be manipulated with its flexible sound editing and automation tools.

1.5 GB sample content


96% off “Zampler Bundle” by Zampler

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This 1.7 GB sample collection excels in atmospheric sounds in the broader sense, comprising of bells, choirs, cymbals, flutes, chimes or strings and much more.

Zampler pushed the sample material to its limits and injected a heavy dose of electro to give the sounds enough bite to cut through modern EDM productions.

With the Zampler workstation featuring flexible filter and modulation options, you can easily create unexpected sound textures from the sample material.


The name says it all: This unique sample pack was created using six of the best virtual synthesizers currently available on the market.

For “Ultimate Synths”, Zampler spent a lot of time to bring out the best from synth powerhouses like DUNE 2, Serum, Sylenth1, Discovery Pro, Spire and DIVA.

The result is a stunning Zampler Pack featuring 2 GB of sample content with 64 patches from basses, leads, pads, and FX, which organically blend into various electronic styles.

DX1/DX5 SLAP – Yamaha DX1 & DX5 Soundbank

The classics of FM synthesis: crisp bass sounds, organs, e-pianos and everything else, that made the flagships DX1 and DX5 so popular.

32 patches, 500 MB sample content.

CS40-M BURST – Vintage Soundbank

The hard days for Zampler’s sound-designer at Yamahas’ headquarter are over! Here’s your soundbank of the analog monster synth CS-40M. Fat basses, powerful leads and analog feeling all over.

30 patches, 380 MB sample content.

TITANIUM – Pure Mainstream Sound

The name speaks for itself: Titanium is a 1.2 GB Zampler expansion with the finest EDM leads, basses and loops, plus selected single drums.

If you want mainstream, this is what you’re looking for.

64 patches + 32 loops, 1.1 GB

SUPREME – EDM Soundbank

Modesty is not the strength of this sound pack: “Supreme” combines no less than the sounds of the best analog synthesizers of all time. With 32 brutal patches and 32 loops, you are perfectly prepared for future Dubstep, DnB and EDM adventures.

The editorial staff of Beat present 620 MB of their favorite bass and leads sounds for the free Zampler workstation which give your tracks a special touch and a high recognition value.

32 patches, 32 loops, 620 MB sample content.

MRMX – Dreadbox Murmux Soundbank

That Dreadbox sound in one nitty gritty soundbank. There’s no reason to miss it!

24 patches, 320 MB content.

YIN&YANG – BassStation II Soundbank

Crisp leads & heavy basslinesNovations’ Bass Station II at its best!

41 patches, 790 MB content.

ROAAR – Arturia MiniBrute Soundbank

A whopping 250 MB of multi-samples from Zampler’s sound guru Marco Scherer in twelve selected patches for Zampler//RX. The result is a sound library, which impressively works out not only to show the power of the MiniBrute, but also works in many electronic styles.

30 patches, 258 MB sample content.

DX7 BLAZE – Yamaha DX7 Soundbank

Depeche Mode, Underworld, Brian Eno, Phil Collins, Front 242, Queen, Beastie Boys, Herbie Hancock and many more were and still are using their DX7 keyboards. For good reasons! And now it’s your turn! Get the classic DX7 pianos, bells and bass sounds.

35 patches, 900 MB sample content.



Dave Smith’s Evolver and Anyware’s Semtext are two of the sources for punchy basses, glamourous leads and other sounds made of electricity for your next Electro smasher!

72 patches, 1.5 GB sample content.

Synth Classics

The Delorian of all Zampler packs: Synth Classics takes you on a journey backwards in time, to the heydays of hardware synths. 128 basses, leads and pads from classics like JP-8000, Microwave XT, MS-2000, DX-200 and others.

72 patches, 1.5 GB sample content.

Fat Fatty – Sub Phatty Soundbank

Its name says it all: Moog sound all the way. 32 patches of pure synth power, analogue warmth and organic sound. Stereoized, tape-saturated and cooked to perfection.

32 patches, 1 GB sample content.

Cloud Machine – Pad Soundbank

Cloud Machine is stuffed with pads, organs and strings, with modern sound for Ambient, Folk, House or Downbeat.

32 patches, 1.5 GB sample content.

EDM Destruction

Strictly to the point: 32 destroyed basses and leads for Hardcore, Hands-Up and Detroit. Be warned: This one isn’t made for sensitive people.

32 patches, 1 GB sample content.


Provocative, powerful, raw and impulsive – one might characterize the Electro Riot collection of sounds. In this pack strong basses meet eccentric leads, arpeggios fuse with loops – and showcase the impressive sound spectrum of the new Waldorf Pulse 2.

46 patches + 20 loops, 1 GB sample content.

CASTOR – Reaktor Soundbank

Native Instruments’ Reaktor is far more than a gigantic vault for nerd-sounds. Not only does it provide loads of very experimental stuff, but also strong and unique sounds for top notch EDM, Dubstep, Techno and Downbeat productions.

CASTOR holds 1.6 GB of the best pearls ready for you.

128 patches, 1.6 GB sample content.


When it comes to modular synth, Pittsburgh is in a class of its own. The modules do have their very own and unique sound, which is at your finger tips with this sound bank. Enjoy pure modular power!

49 patches, 770 MB sample content.


So many famous artists using the Prophet-12 can’t be wrong: Dave Smith’s luxury synth is a true multi-talent when it comes to sound design.

From underground clubs to airplay charts, its fat basses, leads and pads fit everywhere. So here you go with your own Pro-12 for Zampler//RX!

78 patches, 2 GB content.


ASSAULT – Heavy Soundbank

Rock solid & heavy sounds are waiting to turn your next production into a bomb!

112 patches + 16 loops, 2.4 GB content.

0100101101 – OP-1 Soundbank

Leads, Basses, Glitches and destroyed Synths – everything the Teenage Engineering OP-1 has to offer.

26 patches, 390 MB content.

SYNTHSTUFF – Bass & Lead Soundbank

Don’t let the name fool you: Synthstuff contains 32 chord-ready basses and leads which have been given some serious vintage love.

32 patches, 1 GB sample content.


This soundbank is what you could describe as calm and relaxed. Game Of Drones is all about atmosphere. It features 1.3 GB of pads, textures and spheric effect sounds for all kinds of electronic music.


U-HE strikes again: 20 tenderly crafted basses and lead sounds of a real Diva. If you like Moog, Jupiter and the like, you’ll love this!

20 patches, 316 MB content.


This one is about big sounds. Big sounds for Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Hands-up, Gabber, Frenchcore and other genres that make your neighbors shake.

Find cracking basses and sharp lead sounds for your monumental productions.

44 patches, 850 MB content.

TRNSTR – TR-09/TB-03 Soundbank

Pure Transistor Rhythm and Bassline feeling! 20 basses and 30 drum kits were recorded to make your audience move. This soundbank features pre-programmed bassline patterns as well as pimped drums for the ultimate jack-feeling.

31 patches, 210 MB content.

PROPHECY – That Prophet Sound

This pack is about one of the primary rocks of analog synthesis: The Prophet was born in 1978 and is still a reference for forceful sound. So Zampler sampled a Pro One and a Prophet-5 through a phalanx of tube & vintage gear to suit your needs.

55 patches, 980 MB content.

ANALOGUE RACK – Pure Analogue Sounds

With Oberheim Matrix 1000, Studio Electronics ATC-Xi and Cwejman S1 mk2 this sound bank contains the Who’s Who of high-quality and legendary analog synths. Those three legends will enrich your productions and are a must have for your rack.

121 patches, 1.66 GB content.


Plastic look, distorted sounds. Venom is the ugly duckling among digital synthesizers – but with pride! Enjoy 44 assertive patches, that will enrich your productions with their crisp and luscious character.

44 patches, 900 MB content.

WEIRD TUBES – Metasonix S-1000 Soundbank

The S-1000 manual says it all: “Welcome to the ranks of vacuum-tube synthesists! You hold in your hands the key to the beginning and the end of synthesized sounds.

For the past 50 years, integrated circuits have ruled over synthesis with an iron glove, but now the tubes have risen up from their disregarded place as guitarists’ toys and are taking back their place as the true creators, shapers, and dictators of the TRUE electrical sound.

You will love it or not, the S-1000 makes no compromises in sound.

30 patches, 590 MB content.


VOXIFYR – 44 Cutting Edge Vox

This cuts through every mix! Razor-sharp lead sounds, crystal-clear pads and barking basses, treated with formant filters and ready for workstation Zampler//RX. The 44 patches go far beyond the typical Ayayay’s and Oioioi’s of common formant filters and provide fat raw material for all electronic styles.

44 patches, 927 MB content.

PEAKTIME – 68 Novation Peak Sounds

With the Novation Bass Station a legend was born and Peak follows in its footsteps. The mixture of analog where it counts and digital where it makes life easier results in a pro synth with ultimate sound output.

Cracking basses and crisp leads for any electronic style. Sampled and ready for your Zampler//RX!

68 patches, 1.3 GB content.


Thanks to his Prophet-6 core the new Toraiz AS-1 is born to be an iconic legend. Zampler created 128 patches and sequences of that little muscleman, ready to play for your Zampler. Enjoy!

64 patches & 64 loops, 734 MB content.


The name says it all: Bass Trap is dedicated to 1.6 gigabytes of brutal basses. 70 presets reflect the dark side of analog synth monsters like CS-40M, CS-80, JD-XA, Semblance and digital FM synths like DX1, DX5 and DX7.

70 patches, 1.6 GB content.


Doomsday mood and apocalyptic atmosphere – this is what you can expect from this latest expansion for Zampler. Whether for club tracks, songs or soundtracks, these pads can add serious ambience to your intros, breakdowns or even full productions.

40 patches, 2 GB content.


Yaa! Get them addicted to the poisonous sounds of Black Venom… If we were talking about a movie, this was just the right intro.

But even for our latest Zampler soundbank the description fits quite well, as Black Venom features 36 aggressive and highly EDM-compatible patches to make your productions stand out. Grab’em!


Neurofunk, Dubstep and EDM have one thing in common: earth shaking basslines that make your synapses dance. So it’s just a matter of consequence that this latest Zampler pack features 37 complex & aggressive bass sounds, far away from ordinary wobwobs.

37 patches, 1.5 GB content.

MANTRA PADS – 33 Relaxing Patches

The power of repetition! With their lush character most pads have an instant relaxing impact. This latest Zampler soundbank takes this a step further and combines pleasing pads with ever-repeating mantras, to maximize the hypnosis-factor. 33 patches of pure deceleration.

33 patches, 1.6 GB content.


Neon light and robots, nasty noises and beats from the 808… Electro is so much more than only Kraftwerk. Countless producers of any style get inspired by this raw sound straight from the underground.

But even if you’re not familiar with names like Clone Records, Umwelt, Sync 24 or Dominance Electricity, you’ll find some nice add ons for your next production!

42 patches, 1.1 GB content.


Wherever you are, EDM is always around. No other genre was so successful in building such a strong presence in productions and media. But despite its variety, the basic character always remain the same: being massive and electronic.

So here you go, with the new Zampler expansion, holding 44 severe basses and lead sounds for fat fundamentals and ever-present hooklines. Not only for EDM btw!

44 patches, 709 MB content.


Tracks need hooks, there’s no way around. And whether you’re producing underground or overground, you always need a sound at the very front. A sound that’s telling a story and is strong enough to make it through a full arrangement.

Enough reasons for Zampler to compile 60+ vigorous leads and chords into one soundbank. Offering mellow as well as uncompromising hard patches, usable for various styles from Chillout to Hardstyle, you’ll surely find some serious extensions for your productions.

62 patches, 1.5 GB content.


Analog sound is always wanted. And it’s even more wanted when it sounds fat or brute. Just like the Arturia MiniBrute 2.

As the synth was already honored with full marks, Zampler just made a studio session and dressed it up for their very own Zampler, so you can now enjoy the savage sounds yourself. And they included a bonus, something that the MiniBrute hardware can’t do: Pads. Happy blasting!

47 patches, 760 MB content.

SMBLNC – Oberheim Soundbank

Enjoy the glitchy side of modular synthesis.

25 patches, 370 MB content.


96% off “Zampler Bundle” by Zampler

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What Can I Do With The “Zampler Bundle”?

With 72 libraries to choose from (77GB of content!), in a HUGE range of styles, you can use any combination of libraries to build an entire track, or even just use some loops to get some inspiration for starting a track.

Genres covered include:

  • Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Vaporwave
  • Trance, Minimal, Chill, Dark Ambient, Ambient
  • House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno
  • Hardcore. Hands-Up, Detroit, Hardstyle
  • Gabber, Neurofunk, Frenchcore, Doomjazz

This pack contains everything you need to write any of the above styles and more, and will keep you busy with sounds for years!

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. VSTBuzz do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. VSTBuzz or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description.

Note: Please be aware that these libraries need to be downloaded using the free Pulse Downloader application, no manual links will be provided.


IMPORTANT: Mac OS Big Sur – the  VST / AU plugin has not been tested on this platform so is not guaranteed to work. If in doubt download and test Zampler RX itself here – https://www.zampler.de/
IMPORTANT: Mac OS Catalina – The developer is currently working on a fix for some reported issues using the Zampler RX plugin on this platform. We hope to have a solution for this soon.

Note: This product is NOT compatible with Reaper.

"Zampler Bundle" by Zampler

96% off "Zampler Bundle" by Zampler

Deal Expired

Normally €740 – get it at 96% off before it’s gone!

  • 96% off the normal price (normally €740)!
  • 72 Awesome Libraries for the free Zampler//RX Workstation!
  • Sample oscillators with SFZ, REX and REX2 support.
  • Multi-mode filter.
  • Three LFOs.
  • Three ADSR envelopes.
  • Complex modulation matrix.
  • Arpeggiator/step sequencer.
  • Effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • VST, AU 64-bit).
  • IMPORTANT: Mac OS Big Sur / Catalina – the  VST / AU plugin has not been tested on this platform so is not guaranteed to work. If in doubt download and test Zampler RX itself here – https://www.zampler.de/
  • IMPORTANT: Mac OS Catalina – The developer is currently working on a fix for some reported issues using the Zampler RX plugin on this platform. We hope to have a solution for this soon.
  • Note: This product is NOT compatible with Reaper.
  • Note: Please be aware that these libraries need to be downloaded using the free Pulse Downloader application, no manual links will be provided.
  • Libraries include instruments and loops in the following genres:
  • Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Vaporwave
  • Trance, Minimal, Chill, Dark Ambient, Ambient
  • House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno
  • Hardcore. Hands-Up, Detroit, Hardstyle
  • Gabber, Neurofunk, Frenchcore, Doomjazz
  • This bundle may well become your one stop shop for modern music production!

What People Think About 96% off “Zampler Bundle” by Zampler

  • "For what this thing does [Zampler//RX], it is really outstanding. It's exactly what you would imagine a cross between ReFx Nexus and Dune2 would be if it were stripped down to freeware. I would urge anybody on a budget to get it, or anybody who admires great software to simply marvel at how slick this instrument is."

    Full Review

    KVR - User Review

    KVR - User Review

    Music Industry Blog

  • "For a free sample based VST that plays back a huge range of different samples it's awesome. Every sound is of a good standard and very usable, especially the drum samples."

    Full Review

    Audio Animals

    Audio Animals

    Music Industry Blog

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