Onyx Loop Packs by KCox

ONYX is a free loop pack for EDM & Hip-Hop music producers. Created by artist KCox, it contains 13 high quality loops with the key and BMP provided.

With so many people creating music these days, it’s no surprise that some generous artists are creating free sounds to share with the world. If you are a hip-hop or EDM producer you will enjoy cracking open these samples and playing with the good vibes offered by KCox.

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Start with a loop. End with a hit song.

Every beat maker knows that starting with a great loop or sample is only step one. From there, it’s the producer’s job to open their mind, be creative and tweak the sounds to create their own unique sonic experience. EDM and Hip Hop producers will be pleased to see that KCox has helped take care of step 1, making excellent loops and samples.

Step inside the world of KCox with this library. There you will find a world where anything is possible, and where the only thing that is lacking is that which is not being given.

“Please tag me if you use them in your music; I’d love to hear what you came up with.” – KCox

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