Scott Drums

Scott Drums is a drum kit sample library for Kontakt featuring five round robins and eight dynamic layers per articulation.

With almost 12,000 individual samples and a huge range of articulations, its perfect for any style of music including rock, pop, metal and more!

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3GB Rock Drum Sample Library

Scott Drums is Ivy Audio‘s first foray into the world of percussion sampling. A medium sized drum kit was recorded with every piece individually mic’d using high quality microphones and recorded with five round robins and 8 dynamic levels across the board.

The library includes everything from snare rolls to stick clicks to cymbal scrapes, with built in effects on every mic position and an advanced “dry mix” mode for a super dry and bleed-free sound.



Pristine Studio Recording with Intuitive UI

Scott Drums was recorded in a world class studio through 11 high quality microphones, resulting in a clean sounding kit that can be tuned to any genre and mix using the built in effects.

The library includes a powerful UI with per-channel routing, EQ, stereo width, compression, and transient processoror, as well as a “dry mix” mode for a super punchy, bleed-free sound.

Articulations List

  • Kick: single pedal hit
  • Snare: Snare hit, rimshot, flam, crossfading rolls with multiple roll speeds, snare with wires disengaged, ghost notes, cross stick
  • Toms: Two rack toms and floor tom
  • Hihat: Open, half, closed, and mute
  • Cymbals: 22″, 18″, 16″, and 10″ cymbals with mutes and scrapes
  • Bonus: Stick clicks

NB. Full version of Kontakt 5.1 or higher required. NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

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