What Are VSTBuzz Reward Points?

Reward points are our way of giving back to you for being an awesome customer. We’ve been busy creating a large collection of incredible new products, available exclusively on VSTBuzz in a huge range of genres including cinematic, electronic, acoustic etc. in a collection called “The Vault“.

Anytime you spend money on VSTBuzz, you get Reward Points in return. You can then use these reward points to reduce the price of products in “The Vault” and in some circumstances, even get them completely for free!



How Do I Get Reward Points?

Reward points are gained when you spend money on VSTBuzz. You get 1 Reward Point for every €2 spent on VSTBuzz (including your previous purchases).

Each reward point gives you a €0.10 discount on products from “The Vault”, which you’ll find are already incredible value. So if you have spent €100 on VSTBuzz, you’ll get 50 reward points and get €5 off a product from the Vault!

Reward points are automatically added to your balance and you can redeem them at any time.

Don’t have any / a lot of Reward Points? Don’t worry! All of the products available in the Vault are priced ridiculously cheap anyway so you can still grab a bargain!