The LO.VE. Piano [FREE for Kontakt Player]

The “LO.VE. Piano” is not “just another piano sample library“. This is something special – a piano that’s been created specifically for soft and intimate playing. Rather than creating a huge dynamic range, we focused solely on the lighter side of the piano.

And when we say we focused, we mean it! We recorded 12 velocity layers between the soft to moderately loud dynamic range (no loud or “fff” dynamics here!) and also included hammer sounds pedal sounds (both of which can be added/removed) to give it even more persona.

The library comes with 18 reverb IR, all chosen specifically to offer the most beautiful and lush sounds. This piano sounds beautiful, rich and intimate, while retaining its clarity and character, even at low velocities, making it perfect for film/TV/underscore/drama and so much more.

The LO.VE Piano is completely free and compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt Player.


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This product is fully compatible with the FREE version of Kontakt Player 7. No other software is required.

“LO.VE.” = LOw VElocity Performance

The LO.VE Piano was an experiment – what would happen if we recorded a grand piano to be used specifically for soft playing?

The result was more beautiful than we imagined – a beautiful, rich and intimate sound, full of character and nuance, that retains is clarity even at low velocities.

With up to 12 velocity layers, the library is is 6GB in size and retains a very well defined sound while remaining in the dynamic range of “p” to “mf” without getting “muddy” or “washy”.

It’s absolutely perfect for Newman-esque playing, film/TV/game underscore, drama, ambient music and so much more.

This is a very unique library that we believe will become your main tool for writing beautiful, intimate piano music.

12 Velocity Layers & Player Noises for Added Realism

The Love Piano was recorded using a Yamaha C7 grand piano with 12 velocity layers. Because we designed it for writing “soft” and “delicate” piano lines, it goes only from “p” to “mf” but no further.

In addition to the standard recording, we also recorded some natural “player” sounds that are heard when performing to give a more organic and realistic sound:

  • hammer “back” sounds (release) –  the sound of the hammer mechanic when releasing a note. This adds a lot of intimacy to the instrument.
  • pedal sounds – both pedal up and pedal down samples are included and triggered automatically

Want a cleaner sound? No problem – just use the “Noise” volume knob to reduce or completely turn off the additional “noise” samples.

18 beautiful reverb IR choices are also included – ranging from rooms and studios to halls, arenas and more. These were all chosen specifically to offer the most beautiful and lush sounds.

The LO.VE. Piano [FREE for Kontakt Player]

How Was It Recorded?

A Neumann SM-69 tube microphone was placed about 40 cm over the hammers about where middle C is. This gives a natural stereo image, still enough closeness to not lose contact with the instrument, even when played softly.

We recorded a Yamaha C7 since the tone is very well defined in that instrument and it retains the sound without getting ”mushy” or “muddy”.

After the recording process, we gave each sample some individual treatment to add a more ”older”, analog sound that has very tiny amounts of movement in the tone to make it more interesting.

The samples have all been recorded in crystal clear quality, with a subtle sense of stereo width and a fairly close, dry recorded perspective that, nonetheless, amply captures the unique character of each instrument.

The performances are tightly played and range from simple to more complex, offering a range of options for users.

FREE Piano for Kontakt Player

The Love Piano was created specifically for soft piano playing. If you’re always on the look out for beautiful soft sounding pianos that sound intimate, upclose and delicate while retaining clarity and not becoming muddy, then this is for you.

Its particularly perfect for:

  • Film music
  • TV underscore
  • Ambient music
  • Singer songwriter music

Anything that requires a soft and intimate piano that’s full of character and that also retains its clarity and tone at all velocities. But if you’re looking for something heavy or loud, this isn’t for you!

NB. Fully compatible with Kontakt Player 7

The LO.VE. Piano

A beautifully intimate piano, perfect for playing softly

Why its awesome:

  • Designed specifically for soft, emotional, intimate playing
  • 18 beautiful reverb IR samples to chooe from including rooms, studios, halls, arenas and more.
  • 6GB of samples
  • Incredibly simple to use with a minimal interface
  • Dial in or out the additional “noises” for more/less of an intimate sound
  • Full of character and emotion
  • Remains clear and crisp even at very low velocities without getting muddy
  • Perfect for any style of music including film, tv, game underscore, drama, ambient music and more
  • Fully compatible with the free version of Kontakt Player 7
  • Instant download and installation via Pulse downloader app

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