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Liftor lets you generate sweep, noise, up/downlift, and transitions in realtime with endless variations at the push of a single button.

Aimed at EDM producers, it provides you with a selection of sweeps, rises, falls and transitions that can be varied through extensive effects.

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Easily Create Powerful EDM Transitions, Sweeps & More

If you write EDM, you’ll often find yourself using the same sweeps and transitions over and over again.

Liftor saves you time and provides you with a set of transitions, sweeps, rises and falls which can then be mangled and re-shaped into something new again and again.

With multiple modes and a selection of built-in effects (eg. reverb, flanger, distortion and lofi) and randomize options, you’ll create endless variations of rises, falls, transitions and pitch-sweeps!



50 Basic Waveforms & Easily Import Your Own Samples

Liftor features 50 source waveforms to choose from that shape the basic sound. Included are basic sine, saw and pulse waveforms as well as ambient sounds, vox sounds, tones and organs, all kinds of noise sounds and even spoken words.

From here, you can use the onboard effects, incredible randomize features, dual filter, variable length and pitch starting-points, built-in limiter and additional white noise options, to change and further alter the sound into your own.

Liftor also features a randomize button for creating another fresh “sweep” with a click of the mouse! Want an even bigger “lift”? Stack it up within a multi for even bigger and fatter sounds!

Users can also easily import their own samples into the library within seconds!


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Technical Specifications and Requirements

  • Full version of Kontakt 4.2.2 or higher required (not compatible with free Player)
  • 105MB in size
  • Single patch layout with 50 samples to get you started
  • Completely royalty free and can be used for anything (music, sound design etc.)
  • Built in randomization for creating fresh new sounds in seconds
  • Easily import your own sounds
  • Built in limiter, FX and additional white noise options




Generate sweep, noise, up/downlift, and transitions in realtime

Excluding EU VAT

$ £ ¥

Why its awesome:

  • Create endless variations of up- and downlifters / transitions / pitch-sweeps
  • Switchable between rise and fall
  • Volume and pitch modifier with fade and rise-modes
  • On-board dual filter. Reverb, flanger, distortion and lofi effects
  • Variable length, pitch starting-point
  • Additional white noise & built-in limiter
  • 50 different source WAV shapes
  • Randomize button for creating another fresh “sweep” with one click.
  • Stack it up within a multi for even bigger “lifters
  • Full version of Kontakt 4.2.2 or higher required (not compatible with free Player)
  • Perfect for EDM producers
  • Its only €4.99!

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