Cymbal Rolls

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Cymbal Rolls is a huge collection of rolls performed at a variety of speeds on a selection of cymbals, ranging in size from 14″ all the way up 28″.

A range of mallets were used to perform rolls of varying intensity, making this the perfect collection of cymbal rolls for composers and producers.

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The Ultimate Cymbal Roll Collection Using Multiple Mallets & Cymbals

When creating Cymbal Rolls, the aim was to create the ultimate collection of cymbal roll sounds that composers and producers need for productions (available in both Kontakt and standalone .WAV format)

In order to do that, we decided to record a huge variety of cymbal types and sizes (in crystal clear 24 bit / 96KHz) at a range of velocities and intensity levels, using a number of different mallets, sticks and beaters.

  • 14″ Sultan Hi Hat
  • 15″ Mystery Cymbal
  • 16” Alchemy Crash
  • 16” Power Crash
  • 16″ Sweet Crash
  • 18” Sultan China
  • 18” Traditional Crash
  • 19” Medium Crash
  • 19″ Traditional Crash
  • 20” Ride
  • 21” Crash
  • 21” Jazz Ride
  • 21” Flat Ride
  • 21″ Turk Ride
  • 22” Agop Turk China
  • 22” Alchemy Ride
  • 24” Sultan Ride
  • 28″ Factory Metal

Each cymbal was played at various tempos and with various sticks/beaters such as large and medium mallets, scrapes and super ball mallets. A variety of rolls were also recorded including short rolls, medium rolls, long rolls, soft rolls, loud rolls etc.

Cymbal Rolls was engineered and recorded by the incredible sound designer Rick Allen. The percussionist Jon Mattox (endorsed by Istanbul Agop Cymbals) who has worked on a huge range of films, trailers, TV shows and video games.

Play It Backwards, Add Reverb, Change the Speed

Cymbal Rolls has a 18 patches in total – one per cymbal recorded, ranging in size from 14 inches to 28 inches, offering a wide range of sounds. Each patch is colour mapped, showing a different colour for each articulation.

The GUI is simple and effective, offering everything you need in one place:

  • Large waveform view – so you can see how the sample will sound without waiting to play it
  • Sample name listed below waveform – so if you like a sound, you can find that .WAV sample and drop it into your project for further mangling and editing
  • Volume, attack and release knobs
  • Speed knob – playback the sample in half speed, normal speed, double speed (and every % in between) without pitch changes
  • Play mode button – press this to instantly play a sample backwards for a reverse cymbal sound
  • 25 reverbs – choose from 25 reverb IRs including halls, chambers, cathedrals and a range of much more unusual ones that are great for sound design

Cymbal Rolls library also comes with standalone .WAV files if you don’t use Kontakt or would rather just drop them into your project instead.

Cymbal Rolls

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Technical Requirements and Specifications

  • Standalone .WAV files included
  • Recorded in high end 24 bit / 96k for crystal clarity on ProTools through Apogee AD16X converters
  • Room mics used: Roswell Audio K47’s through UA4410 Pre
  • Close mics used: JZ Microphones BT-201’s through UA4410 pre, X/Y mics: Schoeps CMC6’s with MK4 capsules through API3124+ pre, Earthworks MC30 reference mic under cymbal through API3124+ pre.
  • 18 patches in total – one patch per cymbal
  • 25 reverb IRs to choose including halls, chambers, cathedrals and a range of much more unusual ones
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt or higher required – NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player

Cymbal Rolls

A huge collection of cymbal rolls for composers and producers

Excluding EU VAT

$ £ ¥

Why its awesome:

  • 1.06GB of content
  • Kontakt and WAV format
  • 18 Kontakt patches – one per cymbal
  • 25 reverb IRs
  • Instantly reverse a sound with a button
  • Play at half speed or double speed (and anything in between) with no pitch changes
  • Large waveform view on Kontakt GUI
  • Recorded in stunning 24 bit / 96k quality
  • The best microphones and pre-amps used for high quality recordings
  • Engineered and recorded by the incredible sound designer Rick Allen
  • Recorded with Jon Mattox
  • Each cymbal played with a selection of mallets and scrapes
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt or higher required – NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player

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