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MELD is a Kontakt instrument that allows you to combine 4 unique sound sources to create beautiful, evocative, evolving and cinematic drones, textural pads, soundscapes and more.

This sample library is perfect for you if you’re looking for a new and unique sound for your drones, pads, soundscapes – especially perfect for cinematic, underscore, pop and ambient music.

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Long and Evolving Pads, Drones and Soundscapes

MELD is a Kontakt instrument allowing you to blend and crossfade between 4 different soundsources, creating beautiful, evocative, evolving and cinematic drones, ice like pads, textural soundscapes and more.

We sampled a range of acoustic materials such as drinking glasses, crystal, bells, bottles, chimes, violins, metal bars being bowed, struck, blown plucked etc to create the basis of each sound. These can then be combined in the 4 part engine, and using the XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, you can create beautiful, long, evolving sounds.

Choose from 93 individual sound sources from a variety of different sound categories, each varying in attack and timbre. There are 275 patches available in 4 different categories:

  • Meld Duo (55) – two sound sources combined
  • Meld Instruments (94) – single instrumental sounds
  • Meld Textures (65) – single textural sounds
  • Multis (61) – complex sounds created by combining multiple patches

This library is ideal for anyone looking for unusual and hugely evolving pads, soundscapes, drones and more.

The Sounds In Depth

Blend 4 Distinct Soundsources At Once

The Meld GUI has 3 distinct sections:

1. The 4 sound source modules
2. The XY pad
3. The master FX section

The sound source of each individual module can be changed by using the left / right buttons on the soundsource name, or clicking on the sound source name, then selecting a new one from the dropdown list. There are 93 different sound sources to choose from (meaning hundreds of thousands of combinations) with each sound varying in terms of timbre and attack.

Additionally, there are a number of custom pads that have been created which you can blend into the sound to add an additional silky, synthesised layer.

Stuck for inspiration? Simply load up any patch and click on the “Randomize” button to load any 4 random sounds to get a new unique combination of elements to work with.

The “Random” button will randomise the settings (soundsources, convolution IR options etc.) to give you completely new sounds. “Reset” will bring XY pad back to the previous state.

Demo Tracks



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Create Movement with the XY Pad

The XY pad is mapped to MIDI CC 74 and MIDI CC 75 allowing you to record your own movement within the XY pad as MIDI CC data.

It can control either volume crossfading or filter manipulation of each individual sound source. Using the XY pad to control the volume of each of the sound sources gives you more control over how much is being added to the overall sound, whereas using the XY pad to control the filter, adjusts the cutoff level in the filter of each source, giving a more natural blending of sounds.

Transform Each Sound with FX

Each of the 4 individual source sources within Meld has its own FX, allowing you to sculpt the sound of each sound source individually.

The FX options within each sound source are ADSR, LFO, Filter, ADSR Filter, LFO Filter, ADSR Pitch and LFO Pitch

Additionally, there is a master FX section at the bottom of the interface which allows you to add delay, reverb, chorus, convolution reverb, saturation, stereo, EQ or compression to the overall patch

The Sounds in Isolation

Listen to the completely unprocessed examples of MELD patches below. No additional processing (apart from compression) or libraries/layers were used in these examples, just the specific Meld patch named in the track title.

Technical Requirements and Specifications

  • 4 individual sound sources with 93 different sampled sounds to choose from
  • XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, creating movement and modulation
  • Individual controls for ADSR, LFO, Filter, ADSR Filter, LFO Filter, ADSR Pitch and LFO Pitch on each sound source
  • Master FX with delay, reverb, chorus, convolution reverb, saturation, stereo, EQ or compression
  • Randomise button to create completely new sounds at random for immediate inspiration
  • 49 convolution reverb samples with pre-delay, IR size and amount options
  • 1.4GB of space required (700MB for download and 700MB for extraction)
  • 275 Kontakt patches in total
  • Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player


Evocative, icy pads, dark drones, textural soundscapes and more

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  • €29 – reduce the price by using your VSTBuzz reward points (even down to €0 if you have enough points!)
  • 275 Kontakt patches
  • Combine 4 soundsources for unusual and unique new sounds that continually move and modulate
  • 93 different sampled sounds
  • Range of sampled sounds including bowed glass, metal, crystal and violin, blown bottles, struck mallets, pads etc.
  • 49 convolution reverb samples included – eg. “piano FX”, “guitar FX”, “mute gliss” etc. Each convolution reverb sample completely changes the sound of the overall patch and creates massive pads
  • .WAV files included
  • Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player
  • Perfect for pads, drones, textures and soundscapes
  • Ideal for creating dark, gloomy, icy, evocative, crystal, ethereal and ambient sounds in a variety of styles
  • Exclusive to VSTBuzz – not available anywhere else!

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