Trance Drums

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Trance Drums is a collection of 300 Trance drum samples created for trance music producers who want the best sounds available.

This drum sample pack is the ultimate collection of huge hitting Trance drums with 75 snares, 75 kicks, 75 hi hats and 75 additional percusion. If you’re looking for production ready Trance drums, this is for you….

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The Ultimate Hard Hitting Drum Sample Pack for Trance Music Production

Rather than create a pack that’s jam packed full of filler sounds, we decided to just focus on creating a pack that covers just one sound – Trance – and do it perfectly. This pack was inspired by the sounds of the most popular Trance artists such as Oakenfold, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren.

Trance Drums is a powerful and versatile sample pack of 300 trance samples (150MB) recorded in 48kHz / 24 bit, that are perfect for producing all styles of trance music including Big Room, Uplift, Anthemic and other various sub genres of Trance.

These heavy hitting Trance drum samples are incredibly well produced with dance floor destroying kicks, punchy snares, sharp hi hats and a variety of unique additional percussion sounds.

This pack was designed to give your next Trance or Electronic track the high-end, polished sound you’ve been looking for!

300 Professional Trance Drum Samples in 48kHz/24bit WAV Format

The sounds in Trance Drums come in standalone WAV format for easy drag and drop into your DAW of choice.

The samples are divided into 4 categories:

  • Kicks (75)
  • Snares (75)
  • Hi Hats (75)
  • Percussion (75)

Each “one shot” has been expertly crafted and curated to ensure this is the highest quality collection possible. These samples are production ready so can be dropped into your project right away without further tweaking!

Trance Drums

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What Genres is this Pack Designed For?

Trance Drums is designed for all Trance based genres of music, but it can be used for a range of styles  as well as for sound design purposes also.

Its an ideal pack for anyone wanting to produce:

  • Big Room and Uplift Trance
  • Ibiza Trance
  • Anthemic Trance
  • All styles of EDM

Trance Drums

300 High End Professionally Produced Trance Drum Samples

Excluding EU VAT

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What’s in the pack:

  • 300 Trance Drum samples
  • 150MB of content in 4 categories
  • Recorded in 48kHz/24bit
  • 75 Hi Hats
  • 75 Kicks
  • 75 Snares
  • 75 Additional Perc
  • Perfect for all styles of Trance music including Epic, Hard, Anthemic, Uplifting and Progressive
  • Ideal for sound design use also

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