Vox Arcanum

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Vox Arcanum is an aleatoric choral FX and textures library, featuring a selection of dark and omnious effects sang by a 32 person choir.

Recording in a 300 square meter scoring stage, the library has a huge sound perfect for a range of film, game and TV composers.

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Dark Aleatoric Choral FX and Textures

Vox Arcanum is an aleatoric choral FX sample library for Kontakt, featuring 1.8GB of choral effects by a 32 person choir (8 Sopranos, 8 Altos, 8 Tenors, 8 Basses).

The material was recorded in Georgian Film Studio, a 300 square meter scoring stage, through an SSL console, Prism Sound Converters and Neumann U87, KM184, AKG 414 mics and contains:

  • “Aah” Crescendos – low, mid and high cluster crescendos, glissando crescendos and standard crescendos
  • “Sshh” Textures
  • Staccato Rips– down and up
  • Bends– Octaves down and octaves up
  • Chaos Textures – non tonal aleatoric choral textures
  • Claps & snaps– 32 person claps and snaps

The library is perfect for film/TV/game underscore (eg. horror, dark, gloomy) and the bonus claps and snaps are absolutely massive sounding, making it perfect also for rock and pop!

WAV & Kontakt Format with  5 Microphone Positions

The library 5 microphone positions to choose from – load all or just some of them to create a dryer / wetter sound as desired. The microphone positions on offer are:

  • Room
  • Mid
  • Close (3 rows of four microphones, one for each level of risers)

Along with a range of microphone positions, we’ve also included a selection of 21 beautiful IR reverbs to choose from  (turn it on/off) with the option to choose the pre-delay, size and amount, so you can dial in the exact sound you’re looking for.

The library has a large waveform in the center of the GUI so you can see the overall shape of the samples before playing. Additionally, you can flip a switch to play any sample in reverse or at half speed, double speed (and anything in between) with no pitch changing. This allows you to create some really weird and unusual textures by adding a huge reverb and playing a sound backwards.

Vox Arcanum comes with standalone .WAV files if you’d rather just drop them into your project.

Vox Arcanum

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Technical Requirements and Specifications

  • 11 articulations to choose from
  • 2 additional bonus snaps and claps articulations
  • 5 microphone positions on offer
  • 214 different samples (1296 variations in total due to decca 1, 2, 3, mid, room and mix versions of each sample)
  • 21 IR reverb samples with pre-delay, size and amount options
  • 2.7GB of space required (900MB for download and 1.8GB for extracted product)
  • 13 Kontakt patches in total
  • Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player

Vox Arcanum

Dark Aleatoric Choral FX and Textures (Kontakt / WAV)

Excluding EU VAT

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Why its awesome:

  • A very dark, gloomy and ominous sound
  • Recorded with a large 32 person choir
  • Recorded in a huge 300 square meter scoring stage
  • .WAV files included
  • 214 samples (1296 in total due to mic variations of each sample)
  • 5 microphone positions plus mix combined versions of each FX sample
  • 21 beautiful reverb samples
  • NB. Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player

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