• 88% off “API Collection” by Waves

    88% off “API Collection” by Waves

    This Deal Still Available!

    Developed in association with API, the “API Collection” features four precision-modeled plugins based on renowned API equalizer and compressor modules: the API 550A 3-Band EQ, API 550B 4-Band EQ, API 560 Graphic EQ, and API 2500 Stereo Compressor.

    These classic API units deliver a sound like no other. With the API Collection, Waves has captured every nuance of their unique color and sonic signature!

  • FREE! “Future House Genie” by Big EDM

    FREE! “Future House Genie” by Big EDM

    This Deal Still Available!

    “Future House Genie” from Big EDM is packed with sounds that will make your track a perfect fit for upcoming club sets.

    Inspired by Hexagon / Don Diablo and Future House Music label latest tracks, using Future House Genie from Big EDM could very well set your next future house mix up and over the top of your highest expectations!

  • 61% off “Cinematic Vocal Bundle” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    61% off “Cinematic Vocal Bundle” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    This Deal Still Available!

    EastWest/Quantum Leap present “Cinematic Vocal Bundle”, a blockbuster vocal bundle that delivers all the tools you need for modern vocal scoring.

    Featuring a full compliment of deeply sampled Operatic and Ethnic vocal performances it is perfect for Cinematic Underscore, Epic Trailer Tracks, TV & Video Games and much more!

  • 45% off “ComposerCloud X” by EastWest

    45% off “ComposerCloud X” by EastWest

    This Deal Still Available!

    “ComposerCloud X” is the largest, most-awarded virtual instrument collection on the planet, available for the first time for a low monthly price. It is the #1 subscription service for musicians with over 40,000 EastWest virtual instruments!

    “ComposerCloud is extremely good value. In fact, for anyone looking to permanently expand their sound palette, or even just for a single project, this new way of doing things seems like an utter bargain. At the current monthly rate it would take you about 50 years to purchase all this outright!FUTURE MUSIC

  • 71% off “Baritone Guitar Washes” by Riot Audio

    71% off “Baritone Guitar Washes” by Riot Audio

    “Baritone Guitar Washes” is a cinematic pad instrument for Kontakt. Its uniquely versatile WASHES sound design engine creates beautiful ambient swells, pads and pluck & stab sounds based on recordings with an aluminium neck baritone electric guitar custom-made for legendary Italian ambient composer Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S, Obake, Simm, Harold Budd, Bill Laswell).

  • 65% off “AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit” by Keepforest

    65% off “AizerX – Modern Designer Toolkit” by Keepforest

    “AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit” delivers a collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects for the latest trending modern music genres at the moment based on a thorough music market trend research.

    With the participation of professional musicians, sound designers, sound engineers, Keepforest recorded strings, percussions, guitars, basses and many more instruments. They literally played and experimented in the world of sounds, creating the library’s uniqueness and signature.

  • 77% off “Drum Weapons 4 VST” by Music Weapons

    77% off “Drum Weapons 4 VST” by Music Weapons

    “Drum Weapons 4” is an all new 120 Kit Library of head nodding beat-inspired authentic Boom-Bap Hip Hop flavor, with a rebuilt high resolution audio engine, brand new True Analog Technology, SP1200 and MP60 variations built-in, touchscreen compatibility and countless other new features.

    From more modern types of Hip Hop kits but still with gritty character, to off the wall insane kits, to our traditional Boom Bap sound, to legit all the way grimey vinyl kits, “Drum Weapons 4” has you covered!

  • 55% off “Bute Limiter 2 (Stereo)” by Signum Audio

    55% off “Bute Limiter 2 (Stereo)” by Signum Audio

    “BUTE Limiter 2” delivers high fidelity, ultra-transparent true peak brickwall limiting with a streamlined and sleek user interface.

    Whether you’re looking for an in depth analysis of your master or a compact readout – BUTE Limiter 2 can do it all!

  • 82% off “Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle” by Auddict

    82% off “Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle” by Auddict

    The “Master Solo Woodwind Bundle” is a dazzling collection of 5 solo orchestral woodwind instruments with an amazing seven mic positions for ultimate sonic flexibility and real time legato that can fool even a trained ear!

    Auddict’s libraries have already been used on high profile scores for motion picture and video games, with users including Yasunori Mitsuda, Klayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang).

    The collection is the ultimate woodwind sample library and is perfect for Underscore, Orchestral, Chamber Music and much more!

  • 71% off “Echorec” by Pulsar Audio

    71% off “Echorec” by Pulsar Audio

    The Pulsar Audio “Echorec” is a software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s.

    The sound of this magnetic disk delay differs from the tape delays used at the time, and has largely contributed to the audio signature of many 70s bands: Pink Floyd, The Shadows, Jimmy Page etc…

  • 88% off “HellBeast” by Audio Assault

    88% off “HellBeast” by Audio Assault

    “HellBeast” is inspired by an incredibly brutal and versatile amp, with grind and chunk that can cut through the heaviest mixes.

    Combined with a flexible screamer pedal and effects rack, as well as a dual IR loader, HellBeast makes it easy to craft the most brutal of tones!

  • 86% off “Creative FX Collection Plus” by Air Music Tech

    86% off “Creative FX Collection Plus” by Air Music Tech

    “Creative FX Collection Plus” is a world-class collection of twenty classic AIR FX plugins for the first time in AU/VST Formats plus eight all-new FX (AU/VST/AAX), expertly created by their team based on extensive feedback and requests from customers.

    Each plugin has been expertly designed with ease of use in mind and will ensure professional results each time. Discover what these amazing AIR FX can do for you!