Best Free Sample Packs 2020

If there is one thing I have learned during these 8 years of my professional career, it is that you can never have enough samples. And we are not talking about string libraries here. Everything can be sampled nowadays and samplers have become mandatory in today’s music production, be it for film, games, or the music industry. And these samples have become so realistic that an untrained ear will surely mistake them for live performances. Some samples come at a fair price, some come at a hefty price, but thankfully some come for free and Freebies are our topic for today.

Claire Solo by Ivy Audio

This is a very well recorded Kontakt sample library featuring “comprehensive legato”, meaning that every legato transition was recorded leading into a full sustain. The end result is a natural sounding, responsive legato that is a joy to play. Clare Solo works equally well in simple, haunting melodies, or layered to create a small ensemble.

Advanced scripting allows for control of dynamics, legato switching, and the built in convolution reverb, and includes advanced options for tweaking legato and release sample parameters.

Most libraries with legato sampling use short, separately recorded transition samples. All legato samples in Clare Solo lead into a full length sustain, resulting in a beautiful, natural performance that is unmatched by most commercial libraries.

Free Cinematic Sample Pack by Producer Feed

This sample library includes a total of 100 sounds sampled at 48k/24bit, ready for the big screen and your next trailer production. All of the sounds are designed by Adam Pietruszko, a well-known sound designer from Poland.

You will have a plethora of accents, atmospheres, build-ups, drones, impacts, loops, sweeps, wind-ups and wind-downs at your fingertips.

All of the samples are completely royalty-free.

RAW Power Metallic Percussion by Riverwood Air

This Kontakt sample library comes packed with sampled sounds of metal pipes, sheets, weights and various machines. All of the previously mentioned objects have been hit, smashed and abused in numerous ways in order to create a very useful library for any music genre out there. Even though it was designed with a cinematic sound in mind. This free library comes at a size of 2.5GBs, which is amazing for a free sample library nowadays.

Reverb Drum Machines Complete Collection by

This is truly an extensive collection of rare and noteworthy drum machines containing samples of over 50 various models from AKAI, KORG, Roland, Oberheim, LinnDrum, E-mu and many others. If you are looking for some really unique and legendary drum samples then you won’t find a better one.

This collection comes with .wav files of single hits, loops and Ableton Live drum rack setups. It used to be a $900 collection but now it’s completely free for the taking.

The Crave by Plughugger

Plughugger is a well-known sound designer and his sound packs are used by many producers and composers alike. This time he is treating us with 101 free monophonic samples of Behringer Crave synthesizer recordings. If you don’t own Crave yet (and there is no reason you shouldn’t), this sample pack will maybe intrigue you to dive deep into the world of semi-modular synths.

All of the samples are WAV files, so you can freely import them into your favourite sampler for playing.

Cinematic Elements Vol 1 by Supreme FX Audio

Supreme FX Audio have created a stunning collection of cinematic samples in 24bit which are divided into bass hits, bass patterns, drum patterns, FX samples and melodic elements.

If you are looking for fresh and modern sounds for your hybrid cinematic music, you can’t beat this free sample pack.

All samples are completely royalty free and can be used in your own commercial productions.