Ultimate RMX 30K Bundle

VSTBuzz has acquired the Ultimate REX & RMX 30,000; a collection of 28 loop libraries covering pop, hard rock, cinematic, electronic, world, heavy metal, funk, soul and blues music. With over 30,000 loops at a value of nearly $2400, The…

Votox XS

Votox XS consists of 250 Kontakt patches of otherworldly and ambient sounds. A huge 2.2GB in size, it is ideal for those looking for interesting synthetic textures, ambient sounds for movie scoring and hard-to-define instruments.


Elektrono is an incredible 2 GB electronic music sample library for Kontakt featuring gritty, dirty and uberphat electronic Basses, Leads, Plucks and Pads. With more than 150 instruments and a huge amount of customisation options, it perfect for EDM makers, producers and DJ´s.


Liftor lets you generate sweep, noise, up/downlift, and transitions in realtime with endless variations at the push of a single button. Aimed at EDM producers, it provides you with a selection of sweeps, rises, falls and transitions that can be varied…

Shortnoise 2

Shortnoise 2 is a 10GB sample library with over 800 Kontakt instruments, that delivers top-notch instruments and multis for the modern producer and composer, and anyone seeking unusual and truly inspiring synthesizer soundscapes. Perfect for musicians, film, TV and game…

80% off “Live Drums Bundle” by Audio Animals

The Live Drums Bundle by Audio Animals is a unique treasure trove of 11,821 WAV drum hit samples (or 9,901 samples within Kontakt instruments) that have been recorded live using real cymbals, snares, kicks and toms. This one of a kind bundle…

The Grand Glass Marimba

The Grand Glass Marimba is similar to a normal marimba, but with glass bars used instead of wooden ones creating a beautiful tone. This is a gorgeous sounding instrument with a very unique tone, perfect for underscore and orchestral music!